Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Postcard Surprise

A few weeks ago I received this lovely postcard.  It was such a nice surprise to receive this from Wanda-Maria  She sent it to me from her holidays.  Thank you so much Wanda-Maria, especially for thinking of me whilst enjoying yourself so much on your holiday.  I wanted to wait until I was sure you were home before I posted this on my blog [I was not sure you had Internet access away from home].  Please take a look at Wanda-Maria's blog.  She does a wonderful array of machine embroidery, and other textile related work.  You will also see some more photographs from her holiday, as well as her beautiful daughter's recent wedding.  I have tried adding her blog to my sidebar again, and Blogger is still not showing her posts correctly.  Forgive 'us', it is not our fault.     


DIAN said...

Linda, thanks for sharing this postcard and the link - Wanda Maria's blog is lovely.

I was interested in the pics of Poland as my Grandfather was born there.

Ferrus said...

Hey Visit postcard surprise around the world.