Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sumptuous Surfaces

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to score a place in an online classes being conducted by Sharon Boggon.  You can see Sharon's work on her blog:-

The class is called Sumptuous Surfaces, which has conjured up some exciting images in my head I have to admit.  Our first exercise is working in monotone.  Of course, without giving too much away, I felt I'd like to share a little with readers.  I will be working in grey tones.  As you can see from the first photograph, it appears I have a fair selection of grey threads.  I also seem to have found quite sufficient in the beading line as well.  Perhaps in time my grey sumptuous surface will see the light of day!!

I always like to work towards using these exercises to actually make something.  I still have several small ring binders that need covers.  I seem to have inherited them, and find them useful for keeping track of project ideas.  I found these three grey toned fabrics in my stash, and when the postcard size embroidery is finished, I will decide which fabric suits it the best.  I'm actually tipping the blotchy to plain grey will be my choice, with the bubbly one for the lining.

I will hopefully have something presentable to share in a few weeks.  Thank you all again for the interest shown in all that I do.  Your support is always welcome. 


DIAN said...

Linda, this looks so exciting. I look forward to seeing progress on this project.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Just stopped by from Stitchin' Fingers to say thanks for your comment on "The Pen" and to enjoy your blog. Your vintage crochet and knit shawl are just so pretty. Your on-line class sounds like it will be so much fun!
best, nadia

Karyn said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. Grey isn't a colour I have much of so I am interested in how you use it. Sorry the parcel didn't come, hopefully tomorrow.

Iceni UK said...

Linda, I'm looking forward to seeing how this exciting project progresses. I love the greys you have chosen to begin with.

shirley said...

Linda, I like the colours you have chosen these are going to look so nice stitched into your design.

Radka said...

You see, I knew there is a reason why we are hanging onto everything! You just never know when it comes handy, do you?
I look forward to the result :-)

Jenny said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it isn't monotone but gee wouldn't some burgundy look good in that mix. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I echo Radka's comments here. What a fabulous collection to have to hand, the best reason ever to collect and keep those treasures. Enjoy your new project, we'll all be interested to see it when it's completed.