Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nature's Beading [??]

Firstly, I must thank you all so much for your enthusiastic comments regarding the chicken costume.  Your encouragement is very welcome indeed.  I must report that the day went well, with a pirate, a red riding hood, and even bananas in pyjamas, so it seems everyone got into the spirit of the day.  

I haven't much to write about these two photographs, but wanted to share them with everyone.  I noticed this morning that there had been a heavy dew, and thought one or two shots might capture the mood.  It seems to me that some fairies may have been out adding beads during the night.  I'll leave you to imagine what you will.  As I was about to prepare for this blog post I saw the sweetest little 'Inchie' with the title Imagine [check it out - it seems others love to imagine].  The sun shining into these photographs was a delight.  Enjoy.


shirley said...

Dont the plants look wonderful with those fairy beads glistening in the sun.

Anneliese said...

Lovely beads on the leaves - I imagine even some stitching in this way. And thank you, Linda, to put my "Imagined" inchie on a link in your blog. A lovely surprise.

Radka said...

What colours! Beautiful! It is asking to be embroidered, mainly the top one :)
Anneliese is amazing with her inchies, the patience, and keeps coming up with new ideas for them :)

jen said...

Linda what a great imagination you have doing the costume for your grandaughter and repeated with the 2 photos shoots of the faries,dew and captureing the sun shining. Just lovely.

Jenny said...

Linda I just love the top one. Those beautiful beads of dew just touching the points of the leaves. Magic! Thanks for sharing.

DIAN said...

Although I like the first one the second appeals to me more.

Nature always gives us inspiration doesn't she.