Friday, April 9, 2010

More Machine Embroidery

This blue fabric has been annoying me since the day I dyed it. It had some considerable working over before overlaying with several slightly different sheers and some free machine stitching. Originally I intended it to be the cover for a small index book, but once the stitching had been done, I just couldn't find a focal point in the correct place.

I finally took the plunge and cut it into several 'other' possible items. I still have some strips to work with so I will make some little 'Inchies' for future use. These two postcards are the result of too much time!!!

Anniversary Blues appears to me to have three elements which remind me of the Blue Mountains and The Three Sisters. Quite some years ago we spent our 25th wedding anniversary at Katoomba, arriving after dark, after a long day driving. We fully intended to view The Three Sisters before leaving early the next morning. Unfortunately, it was misty/foggy. We had to move on, and missed seeing them.

Beading seemed the only embellishment needed for the other version.

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CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Very Pretty Post Cards. and your header is so neat. Have you had lots of rain for the banks to be overflowing???Great blog. Hugs Judy