Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Work at last

I know I've been slow lately, but I finally have something new to offer.  This rather shocking pink book cover just evolved.  I had this lovely fine silk, hot pink/shot soft orange, can't remember how I 'acquired' it.  One day quite some time ago, I laid it over a piece of wire grid and rubbed it with gold Shiva stick.  I think the oil from the stick bled into the silk, so I felt despondent and just put it aside.  I'd only coloured a small area, so I cut that section out, really didn't know what to do with it, so I simply gathered it into a ruched circle, and picked at the edge until it looked wispy - it seemed to resemble a flower, but looked lonely sitting on the silk, so I decided to texture the background a little with some pink and metallic gold stitching.  I know I can't leave well enough alone, and perhaps I should have stopped long before this, but it is what it is.  And, yes, the shocking pink button with the gold centre was in my button drawer...LOL.

I hope this close up will show the flower, the beading, the stitching and foiling, etc.   Again, beads, braid and threads were part of my 'collection'.  

Book cover open to see textured stitching and foiling

 As I've made more and more of these removable covers, I've strived to perfect my lining techniques.  I have put together this collage, and hope I can explain the process.  This only works well [in my opinion] if you have fabric that has a similar right and wrong side.  I've used plain polycotton.  The open cover measures 34cms wide by 23cms high.  I cut the lining lengthwise with enough allowance to make several folds, marked the centre [photo top left], measured out 17cms from either side of centre [top right], pressed the folds in - remembering that I needed a sleeve to insert the cover into.  I then measured out another 10cms [bottom left], and pressed another fold, and then finally another fold [bottom centre].  The bottom right photo shows the 'sleeve' as it appeared prior to fusing and stitching to the outer cover.  I didn't neaten that final/inside edge, as I thought a line of stitching might spoil the end product, and to be honest, was probably totally unnecessary.  When all the pressing and folding was complete, I applied a piece of Heat 'n Bond, and then fused this lining to the outer embroidered piece, neatening off all round with a row of very wide machine satin stitching.  If you click on the collage you should be able to see more detail. 

I hope by sharing some of my methods, I may be of some help to those who like to find better ways to achieve a neat finish.  I had to hold the cover up in my hand to complete the fusing, as I didn't like to scrunch the flower in the process.

Thank you again to all who have showed concern for my well being.  I am almost up to scratch again, although today it is rather cold and windy here.  I am sure it is much worse in the south!! 


DIAN said...

Hi Linda, I love the colour of this piece and I think there is just enough bling etc. The button is a perfect fit.

I have had a look at the instructions and the pics but I cannot figure it out. Just me today - so far I have not been able to find my phone, then my keys, then my car in the car park.

What confuses me (most) is the pleating. Sorry to be so silly.

I do love the colour - so retro.

Ella said...

What a beautiful book cover i like the colour and the flower looks great.You should be proud of your self.

Anneliese said...

Linda, my dear, I agree with Diane, can't figure it out, but it doesn't matter. I have got my own method. But as soon as I will have time to read it once more - I probably will understand more. The colour is so, so good. And I like the idea with the gold shiva stick.
Weather deteriorated today - unexpectedly. We have to sit inside. We have to eat on a tiny, tiny table in the flat. Anyway, it is fun.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, I love the glorious pink color of your book cover. All the stitching surrounding your very pretty flower is fantastic, It makes it shines. Lovely work. Hugs Judy

Wanda-Maria Roszak said...

Linda, so I Diann wrote, is your job, just beautiful!
I will not write what and how, for me, everything is beautiful! I also love the warm colors, this is also my favorite color, and certainly all of your friends confirmed the same.
I am glad that your health is good,
many hugs ..... :)))

Iceni UK said...

Dear Linda, my blogger has been down for ages.,, lots of problems lately.
your book cover is gorgeous, the striking colour pops from the screen, just amazing.
I'm sorry to hear that you have not been well, sending my good wishes to you.
hugs xxx

Sandy said...

What a great book cover. Too bad we're an ocean apart. We could have some fun. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Soonymary said...

beautiful Linda! Love the colour and the flower is wonderful. Great to see you stitching again!

Karyn said...

Love the colour, and that flower; so pretty and bright. i love that you have found a use for something that ddn't go right.

margaret said...

Linda this is a wow book cover, I love reading your blog it is so informative and fun, but I am afraid i struggled with your instructions, nothing personal there I struggle with all instructions that is why I do my own thing, not because I am talented just because following instructions I find difficult.
That shocking pink is a great colour.
You mention shiva sticks are they like markal paint sticks which are also oil based?

Juliettecherry said...

It is a truly beautiful book cover. How amazing you were able to find all those necessary materials in your "stock", Just goes to show the value of continuing to just add a few more items when they come your way.

shirley said...

Never throw anything away! that motto has proved true with me so many times. This is a wonderful cover I love the colours. You are certainly becoming the Diva of Book covers. Your new purchases are only going to go towards confirming that by the looks of them. I notice you have two lots of pthalo green which is my favourite colour for water in my reef paintings, so will we see some coral themes coming in the future.
So glad to hear you are feeling better

Daniela said...

Beautiful work!