Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fantastic Friday

Okay, yes, I know today is Saturday, but yesterday I had a good day, and thought I'd share my reasons for this enthusiasm.  Goodness, I've found very little of it lately, so have to capture it while it lasts.  Yesterday I received a beautiful ATC from a friend and fellow blogger, Katherine, as well as a super handmade card.  The ATC is so lovely, thank you Katherine for your kindness.  If you have not seen Katherine's blog, please take a peek.  She is a very busy young woman, running a tight ship [her family life], working, and still managing to stitch, make preserves, have a garden, make soap.............I honestly can't keep up with her.

Continuing along with the fun, I managed a few bargains in town yesterday.  SHOES!!!!!!  Yes, SHOES!!!!!!!  I'd been seeing racks of discount shoes at one of the stores but hadn't had a moment to go in and have a snoop.  Well, I could have come home with lots more, but felt I should be a little realistic, and only have three to show..............LOL.......  The three pairs cost less than the cost of any one of them.  I do know the 'special' is genuine, as a little sad note is the imminent closure of the store - economic hard times and health problems.

I didn't like to have all the fun, and was armed with a 'sale' promotion for Mitre 10.  My husband likes a certain type of container for storage purposes outside - too many things he'd rather not have mice running over!!  Of course, he's a very organized person, as you can see by the tools all hanging neatly along the wall, the whiteboard with 'notes to self', so he will use the container wisely.  He was very happy that it came home with 40% off the marked price.  So now we both have something for Valentine's Day!!!


Robin Mac said...

What a lucky Friday indeed. I am so envious of the shoes. The arthritis in my feet is so awful now I am reduced to lace up shoes only - and joggers whenever I can get away with them - nothing elegant any more! I am glad Noel can share in the bargains. Cheers

DIAN said...

Oh Linda, I like the idea of the Valentine's day gifts. We bought clay breaker and snail bait today - perhaps that will be our special treat.

The shoes are gorgeous. It is a funny feeling to have a bargain through someone else's hardship.

I am sure you will make good use of those ones in the centre. They look very pretty.

Katherine is kind to send those little gifts - as you say it would be hard to find a busier lady.

Anneliese said...

Hi Linda, congratulations for the bargains, the shoes, how wonderful to have three pairs at once and how nice of you to think of your DH. His workshop is perfect. I can tell - as I am an experienced wife in such things!!

Radka said...

Lovely present from Katherine, Linda :)
Oh, summer shoes !!!!! How I look forward to wearing summer shoes again! It seems along way away with the subzero temperatures at the moment:(
You have done well with your shopping, for both of you :)

Anonymous said...

Great bargains! I only buy Rivers shoes as we have a discount store in town. SO very comfortable and long lasting too. 3 pairs for next summer on Boxing day was $60! Couldn't go past them. I can also throughly understand the need for good storage boxes! LOL I will be working on some more for the shed in time too. I only get the cheap clear ones so I can see whats in them though.
SO glad you like the ATC too.

Dianne said...

Lovely ATC from Katherine. Nice bit of bling in the shoes, good for you getting a bargain.

Juliettecherry said...

Oh how we love a bargain. You will enjoy your new shoes knowing they were a good price and came your way.