Wednesday, November 23, 2011

De-stashing Projects

I'm still in a mind to reduce the various materials I have 'acquired' over the years, and have managed to make a few small things to keep in the cupboard as gifts for whenever.  The little cardigan above was done with the remaining few balls of white baby wool I bought from Pick-Up Stitches earlier in the year.

This close-up should show the little cables that are worked into the pattern.  I had never done this before, and really like the look, and will be trying more patterns like this in the future.  I feel the little rectangular MOP buttons look quite alright for this.  The pattern was one I found and purchased via Ravelry.  The designer has a website too:-

Of course, I am still working on the 10+ kilos of yarn sent to me by my sister.  Another knee rug is in progress, but some of the yarns are quite thick.  I decided to make a few coathangers with some of these bulkier yarns.  I am always in need of these myself, so they've gone into use already.  They are nothing special, but feel really quite soft.  One is done in crochet, the other knitted.

And, continuing along the ever present baby theme I seem to have going at the moment, this fabric has become a double sided summer wrap.  Easy, peasy, two lengths right sides out, bind with the last little bit of fabric.  I've been carting this length around with me for years and years.  When I had babies, I always carried these with me.  You never know when you need to put your baby down 'somewhere', and that 'somewhere' might be a surface that is a little bit suss in my opinion.  Not that I'm any sort of clean freak I have to say, but at least the wrap gives you some peace of mind.  I have to add that my babies hardly ever had illness of any kind.

I am still quite busy with the watering duties, but as I type, I can hear a slight drizzle, and can smell that wonderful smell of rain on dry earth!!  We have been told to expect some rain this week, so bring it on I say.


Jenny said...

Gorgeous baby jacket, one lucky little baby coming up. Glad to hear you are getting some rain, we had an inch here yesterday & it is still raining today.

shirley said...

Hi Linda, that rain is coming our way too..fingers crossed it a grey cloudy day today, so here's hoping.

The little baby jacket is gorgeous...I love that pattern, white is good no matter whether the baby is a boy or girl.

I just love covered coathangers, and yours are really nice. I always think clothes hang better on these.

DIAN said...

Linda, as we have discussed the stash will never be used up, especially if we keep shopping. lol.

I love the things you are knitting and this pattern is especially nice. Good for a boy or girl.

An extra wrap is always welcome when there is a baby around. Great use of fabric.

Wanda-Maria said...

Hi Linda,
Do you have artistic talent so big, you can do almost anything with art by hand. sewing machine, fiber art. etcetra ...., of hard for me to write what is most beautiful, for me, everything is beautiful, you are very busy and your work are unique, I like always watch them and I am very pleased with the work still create a beautiful,

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, your knitting is always very lovely and I really like the pattern allot. I am sure the extra wrap will be appreciated. Have a lovely week. Hugs Judy

Juliettecherry said...

What a cute little cardigan. The pattern looks as if the cables are added on afterwards? It always feels good to use up "stash" on something useful. Also nice to have items ready in the gift box.

There seem to be times in life when babies are due all around, then none for ages. What a good thing yarn etc. stores well.

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing. I have never seen crocheted cables before. I agree that throws are so handy. Oh how I am missing my sewing at the moment. katherine

Mrs Dibble said...

Oh de-stashing....I've heard about that - sometimes I even try to do it....and it works for about a which time I have gone into some wool shop (just to look - you know what I mean) and bought something else. The worst thing is bloody etsy....all those lovely hand dyed shetland wools from Scotland and places....gorgeous know the rest. Word of advise....etsy and glass of wine do not removes any semblance of self restraint. Oh well the Scottish Island economy probably needs a boost!!!!!

Karyn said...

I have never seen a cable worked into crochet (but as a non-crocheter that is probably not surprising!!). It looks wonderful. I am glad you had enough wool to get the jumper done.
Good luck with the destashing; since starting work I seem to be adding instead of decreasing on my stash!! there are too many nice fabrics and gorgeous wools around to tempt us!!

Radka said...

You are doing very well, Linda :))
Great idea, your summer wrap, I wish I had thought of it at the time!

Sandy said...

Nice projects. Thanks for commenting on my blog.