Monday, July 11, 2011

Give-Away Winner

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Kogin embroidered hand towel will be going to Kerrie.  Congratulations, and I find it amusing that, given my thoughts regarding the hand towel, etc., and Kerrie's living not too far from the ocean, the win is quite eerie - meant to be perhaps.  

Thank you all for your constant support.  


Kerrie said...

Just want to say thank you so very much for this lovely news - I feel so very excited to have my name drawn out for this. I will be honoured to display this in my home and am very privileged to own a piece of work from you Linda. You are so very clever and I admire many things that you make. You really inspire me and I love reading "How to" do these projects. Thanks again - you have made my day.

N. Maria said...

Congratulations, Kerrie!!!!!!