Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giving Back marks the end of half of our year has gone, and I'm sure most would agree it seems no time at all since 2011 arrived.  At the moment here in Australia we are experiencing winter, and in recent years many organizations have tried to use the theme Christmas in July to help generate interest in fund raising, etc.  For my Christmas in July fellowship, I'm offering a little give away to say thank you to all those who care to visit and comment on my blog.

At the moment, I'm dreaming of a beach house, one with beautiful decor, no dust, no dirt, all the mod cons, and days of reading at the beach.  I realized today that it's been 18 years since I've seen the ocean!!  

If you would like to receive the cream damask hand towel with small inserts of Kogin embroidery [pictured above], please leave a comment here.  I will leave this open for a week or so.  I have used DMC #783 [old gold] for the embroidery, and hope that it will not be too obtrusive in anyone's home.  The hand towel is 100% cotton, made in Brazil.  It actually looks quite at home in my bathroom with it's imitation timber cupboard faces. 

Thank you again for such an enthusiastic response to my knitted shawl, and I must say your support helps motivate me each day.   


Anonymous said...

You are such a generous lady. They are beautiful towels and I love how you have displayed your pictures of them too. Its been quite a while since I have seen the beach too. We might be having cold and frosty nights but the days are wonderful by lunchtime. Just perfect for walking the doogie. Katherine

Frances Leate said...

What a beautiful hand towel and Kogin embroidery is new to me. Such a beautifully worked towel would grace any home and I am now interested enough to look up this form of embroidery. I grew up and lived for many years in the beachside suburbs of Sydney and I used to love the surf and sand but now I have grown to love the green hills of Cairns. Take care.

Kerrie said...

I live just 15 minutes from the beach and would you believe don't go there very often. Life always seems busy - but when I read its been 18 years since you have seen the ocean maybe I need to appreciate what is on my doorstep and take time to enjoy the beauty that is so near to me. One day Linda you will have to come to the coast and feel the sand under your feet. Your hand towel is lovely and anyone would be proud to display this. You are so very generous and clever.

Wanda -Maria Roszak said...

Hello friend Linda,
I look to you, I have not forgotten, I see you have a great talent for literally everything, embroidery, crochet are doing beautiful work, you are very creative, trust me everything is beautiful, it's hard to tell me what nicer.
You're also a wonderful friend, now you have winter, I think it is now more pleasant, because it is still warm, heat waves are certainly sometimes tiring,
many well wishes, kisses,

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Linda, I have not been able to leave comments in some time BUT the problem has been fixed. Huge VBG Soooooooooooooo this AM I had a look at what all I have missed. OH, your shawl is incredibly beautiful. I never seen anything like it. Lovely Lovely work. I also enjoy looking at your cotton crop and your contented cows. Lovely scenery.

And of course your cream damask hand towel with embroidery is very pretty. You are a very talented lady.

Hugs from a Very rainy and coolish Michigan Judy

shirley said...

Your hand towel is indeed lovely Linda, I really dont know how you fit all the things you do into your days. The Kogan embroidery is perfect for where you have stitched it.

Radka said...

Oh Linda, before you know, your summer will be back and I will be complaning about our winter :-) Anyway, you would get bored in a beach house!
It is very generous of you to do a giveaway, I know your beautiful work would be very welcome in any stitcher's home :-))

Karyn said...

oooh it is so cold, any idea of a beach at the minute would be of cold breezes coming off the sea. Maybe I am thinking of the wrong beach??

Iceni UK said...

It's very hot here in the UK. I walk the beach most days and the sea breeze is lovely.
Linda, your embroidery is wonderful and will be treasured by the winner of your generous giveaway.
Happy dreaming!!!!

Anonymous said...

come on down to my house and play! I live within cooee of the beach - but it's not dust-free unfortunately! For some reason, it gets very dusty beside the ocean. Love all your pictures and stories. keep them coming!
Found your blog on Sharon's B's Sumptuous Surface Embroidery blog - I'm one of your fellow stitchers!