Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Question of Vintage

Okay, I am the first to admit I know very little about 'vintage textiles', so I am sharing a small sample of fabrics I have in my stash.  These pieces came into my possession after my MIL passed away.   I have more, lots of plain fabrics, stripes, etc, but I thought I'd ask about these few.  The piece[s] above is a fine cotton, what I'd call blouse weight.  One length is 2.6m the other 1.7m approx.  All fabrics have been washed and ironed prior to storage here.  

I'm quite at a loss about this one.  It feels 'polished' and is quite fine, similar to Liberty.  The colour on my monitor seems a little darker than it actually is.  There is approx. 4m in this piece.

Then I found a plain cotton that matches perfectly with the blue/orange, and again there is almost 4m in it.  Actually, I have quite a number of plain pieces with a similar weave to this plain.

I put this one in too because it's so 'fresh' looking.  There isn't much of it, not quite one metre.  Again, it's a firmly woven cotton.  In case you can't see it, the white spots are outlined with navy blue.  I often think this would look cute made into a child's romper.

This one is very busy, but again I thought it interesting, as it has the green/navy combination.  It measures almost 2 metres, with one small stain not far from one end and close to the selvedge.  All fabrics are around 89-90cm in width.

I have no idea when these pieces would have been purchased, as my MIL didn't have an inventory as such.  I do remember being told that she had pieces she purchased with coupons during WWII.  Perhaps some who are experienced in these matters might care to give an opinion.  

I am not averse to sharing these fabrics, so if anyone is interested, please email me and we may be able to come to some arrangement.

I hope readers enjoy seeing a little of my stash.  I dare not share everything, I have been a fabricaholic for many years, and keep accumulating more somehow!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes.  I too, am looking forward to another year.


Robin Mac said...

I missed your birthday post - congratulations, I look forward to many more years of blogging with you. I love the vintage fabrics, they look quite familiar to me from my youthful days! I am finally giving away a lot of my stash, now that I no longer make clothing - had to make room for all the other stuff I am accumulating instead! I still need a Tardis. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Lovely fabrics! Lance occassionally comes across a box or bag of 'old crafty things', as he puts it, through his Saturday job and always brings them home for me to go through. Not much ends up back out the door but nearly all heads for the washing machine LOL. The girls and I have just come home from a trip to Bendigo and while there both girls wanted to go to Spotlight. Could have bought so much in there LOL but came out with winter sheets for Grace and she bought a couple of DMC varigated threads for .90c each! Don't know how that worked because one of the varigated's were the more expensive ones. Must have been a sale on them.

Jensters said...

Wonderful fabrics Linda....not sure i know enough tho.....i too missed you blogging birthday a belated congrats

fabriquefantastique said...

They certainly look 30s -40s to me. I think widths started to get wider late 50s or so. I remember my mother being so pleased as it made 'cutting out' so much easier. (I still work in inches so had to get out my tape measure)

Radka said...

"Vintage" is all the craze over here now, lots of vintage fairs and shops. I was told by someone in the know, that vintage is something between antique and modern (so take your pick!), or things made out of vintage fabrics count too. Have a look at Niki's blog, she has a lovely shop some 15 miles from me. I try to keep away, LOL...

shirley said...

Love the vintage fabrics Linda, the one you said looks polished could have indeed been what was called "polished cotton". I dont remember what it was, but after a few washes it always went soft. Sometimes the patterns were sort of engraved into the fabric.

I remember having a dress when I was a girl made from the same colour green and white spot. It had a drawstring neckline and puffed sleeves . It had no waistline, but we wore a stifffened belt laced at the front, and a wide frill on the bottom. Sounds hideous now, but thought we were just it and a bit with our wide brimmed straw bonnets with ribbons to match tied under our chins. (I was a twin so there were two matching outfits)

DIAN said...

Goodness what lovelies Linda. I too have been sorting through my fabric stash - I managed to find one piece I don't "need" anymore.

To me vintage is seventies or earlier but I have seen some items from the eighties described so. I guess it is in the eye of the beholder. My grandkids think anything older than them is vintage. LOL.